Friday, December 31, 2010

Ninth Year

This morning my Mom reminded me that I started at the Gazette 9 years ago yesterday! December 30th, 2002. DANG! I remember that day like it was yesterday. So today I was looking through the Gazette Archives to see what I've shot over the years and how TERRIBLE I used to be(haha). And came across a photo of my father that I shot in 2003 of him at a fire. I will never deny that having him around has helped me get into places and on scenes that I never would have been on if it wasn't for him! (He's on the fair right holding the light). I've had some amazing experiences over the past 9 years. Met some great people and hope to have 9 more years in this business!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 PhotoMishMash


After looking at a ton of 2010 years in review I decided to pick out a few photos that I wanted to post from 2010 but with a hectic and busy life sometimes there just isn't enough time to blog.
^^At 4:08 pm on April 28th a Structure Fire broke out at Old Shoenfelts Heating and Plumbing Building. The building was fully involved when crews got on scene. Building now is just being used for storage and is unoccupied. Six fire companies were dispatched for fire control and standby duties.
^^United High School cross country runner Ray Offman competes in the Cross Country District Meet held yearly at Marion Center High School.
^^On July 31st the British Car show: Roadster Convention hit the streets of Downtown Indiana. The old courthouse reflected into the hood of John Reed's 1957 Triumph TR3. Mr Reed is from Ann Arbor MI
^^At the Memorial Field House Pool on the campus of IUP the Indiana High School swim teams, Ellie Bobick swam the back stroke during the Girls 200 medley relay
^^Governor Ed Rendell made a trip to Homer City this summer to address the deplorable 119 bridge conditions. In the background the rebar that holds the bridge up is exposed in multiple places. Rendell stated that there is not enough money in the budget to fix many bridges and roadways in Pennsylvania.
^^Rustic Acres Fire: Electric company employee working to cut power off to the building to provide safer working conditions for the emergency response personnel on scene.

The Pumpkin Patch

I'm posting things I've liked that I've shot in 2010 but have been way to busy to post all before the year is over. Sorry these are totally out of context at the moment but I'm quite proud of this shot. We went around and round in the newsroom the night I shot this photo. I (of course) wanted it Page One above the fold. The concern was that you couldn't see the young fellas face. I felt as though seeing his face really didn't matter for the context of the photo. It looked as though his head was the pumpkin and I LOVED it. I would settle for nothing less than this photo to be run over the other ones I shot. I won and the shot went front page above the fold and got SO many compliments the following few days. VICTORY!
This was shot at Reegers Pumpkin Patch Festival 2010.


Anyone who knows me knows that I have a slight thing for shooting power plants. I'll shoot just about anything involving them. I enjoy making them more interesting and about every two months or so I shoot a new photo of them. This photo actually is so pleasing to me. I had to run about a mile down the road in heels for this photo to work.

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