Thursday, July 23, 2009

Camp Seph Mack

Camp Seph Mack held their media day this morning and this afternoon. I got there a little too late to get kids doing stuff but they were finishing up some wind surfing. Pretty neat except you can only go in the direction the wind is blowing. On the way walking back to my car I almost stepped on this baby bird that fell out of the nest. Scared the junk out of me...but it was cute...and I almost got pecked to death by it's mother.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Indiana Blackhawks V West Lebanon

Tonight I dodged the rain to shoot the final game of the first round of the Indiana County League Playoffs. A three game series ended tonight with Indiana winning the third game. They will advance on to play Bovard in the semi-final series which is best of five. This is the first time this season I have shot Indiana County League. I have a feeling I'll be shooting a lot more in the coming weeks.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Swing Shifts

Swinging shifts makes me ultra tired. Working Friday night then Saturday morning...ugh. Tiredness.
My story today: Laura Yevchak and her fiance' Cory Fulmer are both distance runners. Today is the day of their marriage. Today was also the day of the Citizens 5k. They ran together with Laura's bridesmaids and finished hand in hand. How cute is that? is my feature today. Lynn and Dick Rinkus work in the flower garden at the Christ Church along Philadelphia Street in Indiana. Also I had a family fun day at Rose Haven...Resident Naomi Wick laughs with the clowns about their hair styles.