Saturday, March 27, 2010

Indiana V Archbishop Wood

Indiana Girls Fell to Archbishop Wood. 49-39. This team had such a great run and they should be so incredibly proud of themselves. They played hard and almost came out on top. My heart is broken with this loss. Sometimes you just get so into covering a team that when they lose it's sooo sad to cover. This was one of those games. I felt like I wanted to cry while shooting the end of this game.

Northern Cambria V Bishop Guilfoyle

I feel like I've been here before. Northern Cambria played Bishop Guilfoyle for the PIAA State Championship. Northern Cambria again came out in second place. Bishop Guilfoyle won their 6th State of which I got to cover in 2009. It's been so neat to cover these girls from Northern Cambria for so long. They have been a tight knit group of girls who won a lot together. This year they are all seniors and will be moving on. It's sad when you work so hard for something and it slips right through your fingers...but hundreds of other teams would have killed to win 2nd place in the state this year....or even play at the Bryce Jordan Center. I feel like these girls should be super proud of what they've done.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

IUP Men V West Virginia State

March Madness truly has begun. The Memorial Field House was packed tonight as IUP looked to continue their winning streak from the night before in the second day of the Atlantic Regional round of the tournament. IUP Men moved on in the NCAA D-II tournament tonight with their 91-76 victory of West Virginia State. They will play again on the IUP campus on Tuesday night. Hopefully...I will be there shooting it. However, Marion Center girls also play on I may have to stick with high school basketball playoffs till they're done. Here are some shots from the night.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Marion Center V Southern Huntingdon

After my full day of basketball at UPJ, I went to Hollidaysburg High School gym where Marion Center took on Southern Huntingdon. Now, I know I worked in Altoona for a year but I don't ever remember covering Southern Huntingdon and their coach looked soo familiar...any help with his history would be appreciated. HAHA. Just kidding I don't care enough...but seriously...I know him.Marion Center took the lead early in the game and held that lead throughout. I was glad to not have to shoot everyone upset and crying and had a chance to get some celebration. Congratulations to Marion Center girls for being the D6 AA Champions.

Homer Center V Conemaugh Valley

In a word...sad is the only way I felt after this game. I felt Homer Center was going to take this game. It was such a close one till the end. The photo below is of Homer Center # 11 grabbing his arm after it looked like he got it bent back the wrong way...and if my EMT skills are correct and my X-ray vision is working, I think he dislocated his shoulder. This happened twice in the game. Once at the start and once in the 4th quarter which put him on the bench for the rest of the game.

Northern Cambria V Biship Guilfoyle

Last year I followed Bishop Guilfoyle to the State Championship for District 6 A. This year I was shooting Northern Cambria, who two year ago lost in the same game. I was really pulling for a Northern Cambria win, even though they lost in overtime both teams will still move on. I think everyone thought this was going to be a trouncing. It was a very close game. State playoffs may prove to be VERY interesting.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Penns Manor V Northern Cambria

Penns Manor V Northern Cambria was the kick off game to my playoff run on Friday at Central Cambria. Both teams had one win against each other. So I was interested what would unfold on a neutral court. PM took the 2nd win. Both move on to the State Playoffs.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Indiana falls to New Castle

Indiana girls fell to New Castle today in Fox Chapel. This was the first playoff games I've shot since I've been back. I was trying to adjust to shooting again. It's been awhile because when I'm on vacation I boycott the camera! HAHA. I just feel like other people should be taking photos when I'm not working. :) More playoffs to come...hopefully one of our teams gets to the state championships in State College those are always FUN!