Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I got a new puppy his name is Henessey! He's a 11 week old Boston Terrier. w00t!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Look out Tampa

It was nitty gritty but Pittsburgh pulled it out! We're going to the Superbowl and have the chance to be the first franchise ever to win six Superbowl Rings. Way to go Steelers

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Steelers VS Chargers...Again

Tonight the Steelers manhandled the Chargers beating them 35-24. One thing I realized was that Sprowles is number 43 because he is 43 inches tall. Homeboy was a short stack. I always knew Jesus was a Pittsburgher N'At. WOW was i surprised when Jeff Reed took his helmet off. What a shocking discovery. He stuck his finger in a light stocket and totally lost all pigmentation to his hair color and it started sticking out like the dickens.

Friday, January 02, 2009

waiting is the hardest part...

I'm sitting in LAX waiting for my flight to leave. I was only here 3 hours early like a good passenger. My pap would be so proud of me. I'm also feeling queezie, I may just have the revenge part of the montazumas revenge. power cords are at a premium here and someone is streaming Beyonce right next to me. AND her new stuff is quite untolerable. So here are some photos of my vist with my favorite brother(s) w00t! I can't wait to be back on the East Coast. I hate this crazy time zone crap. I can't sleep in it and I'm very disgruntled.

I had such a great visit with Jim, Derek and Shelagh. We saw Hollywood in record time. Derek and I finialized the meal for Christmas Dinner next year! We got a lot done. I'm bringing peas from PA. haha. It was so great to see them and their house was totally cute. I loved it sooooo much!

Well next time I blog I will be on the East Coast. How I miss it sooooooo......

Thursday, January 01, 2009

USC 38, Penn State 21

Penn State had a decent showing in the Rose Bowl this year. It was a hard game to shoot but it was quite and experience. By the way most of the media folk had Montazumas Revenge today. So this game ended up being a double loss. Loss of the game and Loss of Lunch. UGH! ha.
Until next time. Thanks for peepin the bloggie.

Happy New Year!

Greetings. This is today Live from the ROSE BOWL in Pasadina California. Here are some shots from before the game.

We had a Media Police escort to the game. Which was one of the most fun things I'll remember from this trip. And when the guy totally darted in between our bus and the escort. That was smooth. This nice guy has taken care of me while I've been here. He was even going to take my photos because I have a boo-boo knee!
This is the floor in our hotel lobby.
joePA is on his way to the stadium! I was so thrilled. Nabil Mark shot the two photos of me.(I had to give him props)

Penn State Pep Rally

Yesterday afternoon we went to the Penn State pep rally. There were GOBS of people there. So here are some photos. Hope everyone had a great new year. Just for the record. The Media food has been tainted. About 20 media folk have had the diary and pukes all night last night. It makes me feel like the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous....and I was the one who didn't eat the shellfish. hahaha. Well I can't brag too much because I feel like I'll be totally struck down and have psychosomatic poops or pukes.