Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Check this out!

This photographer is . . . awesome! have a look-see.

Jeff Swensen

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Conemaugh Dam Features

I drove around a lot today. 73 miles on my car. I hung out at the Site of the Conemaugh Dam for about an hour. Just experimenting with different angles. The weather was perfect today. The clouds were amazing. Here are some shots of the Tunneltonview Historic Site and areas around the Dam features I shot around 10:30 am on Tuesday April 29.
Tunnelview History Site.
This bridge withstood the 1936 Johnstown Flood.
The tracks passing over Tunnelview.
I loved the lines in this.
A train passing over the Tunnelview Historic Site.
Tunnelview Historic Site with the train tracks above it.
The Conemaugh Dam through the Cattails.Two turkeys flying over land on the farm at the
intersection of Tunnelton Road and Auen Road.
These birds are SO frightening. I thought I was going to get my eyes pecked out. The car window couldn't go up fast enough.

Tomorrow is my last day at The Gazette. It's bittersweet for sure. I'm looking forward to starting a new chapter of my life...but I hate to leave all the people that helped me get a start.
Till tomorrow...adios.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Flax Scutching Bee

Dr. Bill Betts and his wife Jane donated a print of "Flax Scutching Bee" by Linton Park to the 6th graders at Eisenhower Elementary School.

Linton Park was an artist who lived from 1826 to 1906, he was born on 16 November 1826 in Marion Center. He has for sure painted 13 pieces. The location of two paintings are unknown.
"Flax Scutching Bee"
which had it's back drop in Marion Center, PA. The second most famous painting by Park is
"The Burial"
Park also painted a scene of the Johnstown Flood which is currently missing. However, Dr. Betts said that you couldn't look at this painting without weeping. The 6th graders at Eisenhower are doing an ongoing project on Linton Park. Which will culminate with a play that they will put on in Marion Center in mid-May. "Linton Park" is currently in the works to be a park in the Marion Center area. The students are working towards getting a plaque put up there. The children were so inquisitive and excited about this project and Dr. Betts really fed off their enthusiasm. He was such a cute funny man. Anyway, it's a rather interesting story. Click on the link to learn more about Linton Park.

Dr. Bill Betts presenting the print to the 6th Graders
Till Tomorrow...two days left till the new j.o.b.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fight Back. Remeber. Celebrate.

Get Active Day was held at Mack Park this morning. It was Hoola Hoop Heaven!
Sophia Kipp, 2.5 years old, daughter of Lina Kipp of Indiana played with the Hoola Hoop
2 year old Jonathon Dzikowski son of Dan and Renee Dzikowski of Indiana played with a giant red ball
Jacob Dzikowski, 5 years old, son of Dan and Renee Dzikowski of Indiana does his group Yoga at the end of the day

While out and about trying to find a (huge) tree that supposedly crashed down into a house. I came across a artsy-fartsee feature of the spring blossoms reflected into a traffic mirror. I've actually be scoping this shot out for a while now. I wanted to shoot a nice reflection in one every time I would drive past one. However, when I would get out of the car to look at the reflection it was always something totally lame-o. So, I'm pretty excited and pleased with this shot.
Reflection of Shyrock Avenue at 6th and Shyrock.
IUP held it's first ever relay for life with all college students. For 24 hours Miller Stadium will be a constant place of action. I shot the opening ceremonies. There was a pretty decent turn out.
Opening Ceremonies
the first lap led by l to r carrying the Fight Back sign was Ahri Leibensperger, Freshman, Undecided Fine Arts, Reading PA. Carrying the Remeber sign was Ashley Kline, Sophomore, Secondary Education, Schererville Indiana. Carrying the Celebrate sign was Erin Mummert, Freshman, Biology, Harrisburg

...Till Monday...Three shifts left!

Friday, April 25, 2008

I've got the runs!

I found this fantastic little feature on Wednesday of these two little girls on a tire swing on Olive Street. They were so excited to have their picture taken...too bad it was wasted on the back page. HAHA. I tried to get them page ONE. At any rate...the blossoms on the trees are so pretty now...but they sure do make me sneeze.
Tricia Boyer, 8 and her sister Abby, 6
I went to IUP today for the Indiana County Track Meet...there were several schools at the event. It was nice... this was my first meet this year! I saw this shirt some girl was's the Cross Country shirt for the Homer Center team and I guess today I had the runs. Dang it cracked me up.The First photo is Eric Skedel waiting to start throwing his javelin. He is the current state champion in this event.Girls 3200 meter relay Sara Small from Purchase Line is in front of Jeannie Bujdos from Indiana Girls Shot Put Megan Illig from Homer Center
Girls Triple Jump Alyssa Poole from Marion Center
Finally, I shot a night baseball game to benefit the Teddy Bear Fund Drive. Indiana played Homer Center. I had to leave in the 4th inning because the game was taking FOREVER. It was tied when I left.
Till tomorrow...peace in the middle east!

P.S.: Only four shifts left at The Gazette...OH SNAP!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bill Clinton in his Undies

I shot this today and just HAD to show it.

IUP Annual Chalk on the Walk Contest on the Sidewalks of the Oak Grove
Richard Roberts, Junior, Art Eduction, Eldred PA"Bill Clinton in his Underwear"

Paddy McClure

I took a few pics of my homeboy Pat "Paddy" McClure yesterday. I did my best to give him a hot photo shoot. HAHA!This shoot reminded me of the shoot I did for McClure kids for their Christmas presents. Oh memories....
Maleea, Patrick and Megan McClure 2007Megan, Patrick and Maleea McClure 2007

Monday, April 21, 2008

1 down 7 to go

I just realized I'm in my last week and a half of working at The Gazette! I'm super sad. But also excited and nervous...all that good stuff that goes with my nervous conditions. HA
Today I shot a Leisure assignment for "Container Gardening" Ray Sistek was super nice and has a lot of neat ideas on how to garden and plant stuff...especially if you don't have much space.
Here is boot that Ray uses for planting.

Ray is planting in a raised box

I went to an assignment at Penns Manor Elementary school today. They got this awesome trailer for a week for the students to skip their normal science class and come out and have class in this "Mobile Agricultural Trailer" This class is taught by Patricia McConnell out of Altoona PA. They had posters in the trailer that were totally awesome. SO each day the kids get to come out and do a new experiment. Today the 5th grade class learned about plastics. They learned about packing peanuts and if they bio-degrade or not. One group did and one group didn't. The kindergarten class learned about bugs and the parts of bugs and the usefulness of bugs. I only WISH they had this when I was in elementary school! It was too neat!
Cody Hill seeing if his packing peanuts will dissolve
Patricia McConnell of Altoona dressed Luke Lieb up like a bug to show the different parts of the bug

Abby Sleppy raises her card that has a grass hopper on it

Patricia McConnell of Altoona asked the kids to show their card if it didn't have a bug on it.

I have seven shifts left at The Gazette. Tomorrow is the primaries for Pennsylvania. This is what we've all been waiting for. I work from 8 pm to 1 am(ish) covering the local election. This is my first major election coverage I just hope I get some good shots.

Just a quick update:
Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers as Toni has arrived home TODAY! She's quite tired and worn out...but dang...that girl has been through so much. She is so incredibly strong and we are more proud of her than words can even describe. She is a fighter and I pray that I can only be half as strong as her. We got 3-d images of the baby. She is so beautiful and they say she has hair! I can't believe this is my niece! (sorry about the quality...I took it off the sonogram with my camera phone)

She was doing the backstroke today and the most amazing thing is seeing her swim around in my sisters looks like Toni's got worms. HAHA! She is the most active little fetus!
Sleeping beauty little baby Conrad.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Red-UP Indiana Day!

Today was Indiana County Clean up Day! I had a trainee with me today, I was pretty much the over-the-shoulder today, if there were any problems. Since I'm going to be leaving I feel that's the best way to train someone by having them run the day as if I wasn't there, but I'd be there to give any advice or help if it's needed. Just to comment on what I saw and what I'd do differently. I did shoot two things today though, since it was kinda swamped.

The first thing I shot was for a little something I like to call "Red-Up Indiana Day" which really is known as County Clean-up Day. However, being in Western PA, Red-Up suits us better.
IUP students hit the streets to clean up Philadelphia Street.
Benjamin Kaseler:SOPHOMORE:Hospitality Management:Johnstown:Sweeps up the trash on the sidewalks
Sara Marmo:SENIOR:English Major:New Bethlehem:paints the trashcans green so people can better see them SO THEY CAN USE THEM! Secondly, we went to a motorcycle accident on Sherman Street and Sixth Street in Clymer. The guy on the bike got flown to Conemaugh.
Vehicle Accident:Motorcycle VS Car
Sixth Street and Sherman Street:Clymer Borough

Here are a few photos for my citizen's peeps.
I'm going to miss shooting you kids :(

Friday, April 18, 2008

Clinton Re-do

pee-nuts and cracker-jacks

Healthy Cooking for Kids Demonstration: Part of the IUP Cares Campaign: HUB Ohio Room: Kids Making Pizza: Eddy Clark looks at which toppings he'll pick
IUP Baseball VS Shippensburg
I can't believe it's baseball season again! Warm weather is upon us...however I could have used a few more clouds...those white uniforms are murder in the blazin' sun.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Slick Willy

I shot...haha...should I say...photographed former President Bill Clinton today at the Memorial Field House at IUP at 10:00am today.

PS: Toni and the baby are doing better! Thanks for the prayers!

Also, for the ambulance I worked this car crash
Fatal Accident Route 119: Homer Center:Photo Credits: Tom Peel